Yuri Bear Storm Episode 1 Thoughts: Love and Hunger

Let's get this out of the way, most people would view this show with scorn and disgust but for Ikuhara fans? You're in for one heck of a storm. » 1/11/15 11:02pm 1/11/15 11:02pm

Script For New Katawa Shoujo Path Released By Lilly's Scenario Writer

The script for a new character path was released for Katawa Shoujo. This path, titled Summer's Clover, focuses on Miki Miura, another member of the Track and Field team. It comes to us by way of Suriko, who was also the Writer on Lilly's path and Co-Writer on Hanako's path. » 12/26/14 4:57pm 12/26/14 4:57pm

Happy Holidays to all! Also RIP Kaworu-kun </3

Got a bit sentimental so I searched for the oldTAY archives! They actually just tagged everything with "tay" so it was only a matter of going back far enough. You can also look at your own oldTAY comments! Just add your username before the kinja.com (e.g. username.kinja.com) » 12/25/14 7:49am 12/25/14 7:49am

Media Streaming Now Possible On Vita!

ViTAY Blip: Thanks to the recent firmware update, media streaming is now possible on the Vita using Plex! I've tried it out and on the fly transcoding for 720p content works flawlessly over a local network! You use it just as you would on the PS4. » 10/02/14 11:55am 10/02/14 11:55am

My New Babies <3

I think you'll like this batch, UI :)) The new backdrops are pretty sweet and make for good impromptu backgrounds. Mako has some of the best faces and poses ever and the bendable arms are awesome. Ryuko, on the other hand, is overflowing with badassery. I love her sculpt. Second best girl has nice hair, though. I… » 9/14/14 5:08pm 9/14/14 5:08pm

The Last of Us

I have so many feelings right now about The Last of Us...and I finished it last Monday (probably was Sunday for you good people) ._. Productivity is dead because it's just consuming me. Will probably write a buncha articles on it. Or maybe a big one. *starts looking around for the best flame shield* » 7/30/14 2:35pm 7/30/14 2:35pm

Death Of The Wallet

NENDOROID LORD HAVE MERCY. Rei, Asuka, Solid Snake, Darth Vader, Stromtrooper, Batman, Mario and Luigi, Kosaki Onodera. It's an onslaught of Nendoroids! Also, Evangelion Nendoroids! EVANGELION! » 7/27/14 12:46am 7/27/14 12:46am

Things You Never Do

You never put the words "Gabriel Garcia Marquez" and "feminism" together in a search query. Ever. Unless you want your brain cells to go tie themselves to a tree and be eaten by ants. » 7/25/14 5:21pm 7/25/14 5:21pm